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“Being There” for Our Children
The Band Boosters are organizing! If you can give a little of your time, we can really use the help! You’ll want to get the purple badge to be with us on field trips. Go to the front office for the paperwork. (part of this requires a TB test) We have established a non-profit 501(3)c. This allows us to receive tax deductible contributions and solicit funds from corporations, etc.
We need parents to help!
Booster organizations have helped bands obtain the funding that the state cannot provide. It has become more difficult over the years to meet all the needs of a vibrant music program. A booster organization really helps.
Become a Band Booster!
Parents are not to be seen nor heard... actually our students need our adult influence in their lives in positive ways. The band trips provide a great opportunity for family interaction. Come along!
Get a “purple badge” and attend our activities...
Come join the Band Boosters Organization and Help us Help our Students
Cougar Band
Band Boosters
Interested? Call Me... Pat Hardman cell 951-256-0713 Got a Badge? See below- taken directly from the district/school website for any questions regarding Volunteers. All forms are on the school website or in the front office. If the parent has a badge they complete the Intent to Renew form. If a parent is new, they complete the application and come to the District Office. We do not give new badges every year. If a parent has a badge and completes the Intent To Renew, the form is sent to Debbie Foster by the secretary. They do not have to come to the District Office. Once they are approved, then they can come to your class. The secretary can look up a parent on the Volunteer Database to see if they are approved. Parents are NOT allowed in the classroom or on campus until they have been approved. The process take less than 15 minutes in our office to get a badge. Fingerprinting is free for parents to allow them to get the Purple Badge. Hope this helps with all the questions. Let me know what else I can do for you. How to Volunteer at LEUSD Volunteer applications may be picked up at each school site or printed from this web page through links below. Volunteering is a privilege and a service that teachers and staff truly appreciate. All volunteers must however, have a helpful task to perform under the direct or indirect supervision of a District employee. Volunteer ID badges should be worn at all times a person is volunteering. All volunteers (except current employees and substitute employees) must be processed for an "A" red badge first. Current employees and substitute employees need only fill out an Intent to Renew Form* to register as a Volunteer "B" (purple badge) at their child’s school. Neither a red-A nor purple-B volunteer badge gives a volunteer permission to hang out with their student during meals or visit with other adults while on campus. Un-enrolled siblings/children of volunteers or employees are not permitted in the classroom during the school day (instructional time). LEUSD Volunteer Process Chart for First Time Volunteers Gráfico de Proceso de Voluntarios del Distrito Escolar Unificado de Lake Elsinore "A" badge process 1. Pick up a volunteer packet from your school site office or print from this site. 2. Read the entire packet and complete the required information. 3. Have your child’s teacher and principal sign on the first page. 4. Obtain proof of a current negative TB test or chest x-ray (within the last year). 5. Bring the completed forms of the packet along with proof of your current TB test and a picture ID to the LEUSD District Office, 545 Chaney St., Bldg. B, Safety & Risk Services Office. 6. Your photo will be taken and you will receive your "A" badge at that time. "B" badge process (After you obtain an "A" badge) 1. Schedule a FREE fingerprinting appointment by calling 951-253-7180 or at the time you are being processed for the "A" badge. 2. You may also complete a Request for Live Scan Services form here at the District office for fingerprint services through another vendor (anticipated cost of $42 - $52; prices vary by location). Fingerprint clearance is specific to each agency and cannot be “shared.” Fingerprint clearance only has to be done once and does not have to be re-done for as long as an applicant continues as a volunteer with LEUSD. 3. Fingerprint results will be sent to our District Office (allow approximately 2 weeks). 4. You will receive a phone call to come and pick up your purple "B" badge when approved and ready. Please bring red badge to trade for purple badge. * Renewal Process To renew your badge you must fill out an Intent to Renew form at the beginning of every school year. Intent to Renew forms may be used only by those who are already registered volunteers or current LEUSD employees. The Intent to Renew form requires a current year teacher and principal signature. This form can be obtained at any school office or through the link above. The school site will send the completed signed form to Safety & Risk Services to update the records. Once processed the school site personnel can check a master database for currently registered volunteers. New badges will not be issued every school year. Please continue to use the original badge. Safety & Risk Services will replace any lost or broken volunteer badges at no charge. Renewal volunteer applicants are required by law to update their TB tests every four years Julie Scranton Safety & Risk Services Supervisor 545 Chaney St. Lake Elsinore, CA 92530 (951) 253-7181 Fax: (951) 245-6609