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Welcome to the 2018-2019 School Year, Time to get SmartMusic! $40 a year if you can swing it. Sign up for your Standard of Excellence Level, the Sight-reading Level, Ear Training Level and your ensemble. Here’s what you need to do at this time; Review the band calendar Renew your SmartMusic subscription Sell 10 items for the FundRaiser (or get a donation of $50) to go to the party with a parent(s)! Sale concludes 2nd November. Reed players... get a box of reeds. Pecussionists... get the EP2 Vic Firth Stick Bag. Really! Remember, daily practice, 5 days a week, will give us the musical skills required for a quality music program. “Practice Makes Permenant!” So practice slowly and precisely. We have the talent and the tools (SmartMusic) to accomplish great things. Let’s commit our time, talents and move forward! Sincerely, Mr. Hardman
Remember clarinets and saxophones... a box of Rico Royal reeds! Half-price at www.wwbw.com
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$40 per year SmartMusic.com/classic
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